Liberty Cruiser and LC4 Off Road Caravan

Liberty Off Road Caravans & Camp Trailers

Our Philosophy

Why have 2 Caravans?

Many people currently own two caravans in SA, one Off Road Caravan for bush camping and one for December down at the coast.

But why go through all the trouble if one caravan can cover it all, and why should bush camping be rough?

When camping in the bush the focus should be on the beauty of nature and not on survival, so hook up and make life more comfortable no matter where you are.

Off Road Caravan Models

Price R 550 000
Total Length(Spare wheel and draw bar included) 7630mm
Body Length 5650mm
Body Width 2265mm
Travel Height 2700mm
Setup Height 2700mm
Internal Height 2000mm
Water Capacity 110 Liters
1 x Queen bed 1880x1520
1 x single bed 2000x700
Price R 330 000
Total Length(Spare wheel and draw bar included) 5990mm
Body Length 3800mm
Body Width 2200mm
Travel Height 2380mm
Setup Height 2780mm
Internal Height 2040mm
Water Capacity 110 Liters
1 x Double bed 1880x1370
2 x single beds 1850x800
Liberty LC2 Off Road Caravan Floor Plan

Our Building Materials

We are “Proudly Port Elizabeth” and support as many local manufacturers and suppliers as possible. So with this in mind we set off by build from the ground up, with our own in-house design steel framed chassis, laying a water resistant 45mm Glass Fiber laminated floor onto that for good insulation and rigidity. Then our side walls are added, witch are made up of a aluminium frame laminated with 1,6mm Glass Fiber sheets on each side giving us a 31mm thick seamless wall panel that can be fully submerged under water with no problem, so our floors/walls and roof construction are completely wood free.

Our caravans are fully covered with Glass Fiber on the outside and inside, but it’s on the outside that it counts as this method gives it good durability against the harsh elements like hail and bush scratches and light impacts.
We also added Black Raptor Lining to the bottom sections of the caravans, this is not just for good looks but for added durability from bush scratches for the years to come.

Then looking on the inside we have brought some modern finishes and materials in, so out with the old school look and feel and into the new era of camping….

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